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Molding today the working world of tomorrow

Why do innovation projects in long-established companies often become bogged down in the structures and constraints of the rigid organization? Why is it so difficult for incumbents to respond adequately to the challenges of the digital age? Why are they so reluctant to renew themselves before the business models that have proved so successful over decades are turned upside-down by young startups?

Detecon’s consulting services in the section New Work, Agility, and Culture address these and other questions.

People first: building blocks for successful transformation

How can companies competently support their employees in times of change and introduce agile structures and ways of working? Quite simply — by pursuing innovative approaches that further the break-up of hierarchies, processes, and control systems.

We would be delighted to support you in tackling this challenge. With tailored solutions that match the specific requirements of the new way of working in your company. For a modern work environment where a high-performance culture can thrive.

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